Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Dribble about bibs!!

I thought I would give you all a little insight on what happens when making one of my smallest & most popular products at La Crafts - THE BIB!!!
Looking at the final product you would never imagine how many steps go toward creating it, I was blown away when I wrote it all down.
1-Probably the easiest step is finding the fabric. I don't look for anything in particular I usually buy because I like it. Placing an order for the fabric & picking items I like will probably take 30 Min's
2 - Pre-washing of fabric, this includes cotton front, flannelette inner and PUL (if waterproof) 3 Loads of 3 Different Fabrics - 1hr
3- Ironing the Fabrics - 10 Minutes
4- Cutting the Fabrics- 10 Minutes
5 - Placing & Ironing Bib - 2 Minutes
6 - Stitching the bib - 2 Minutes
7- Cutting off excess seam - I do this so the edge of the bib lays flat and is all comfortable for your bub to wear - 2 Minutes
8- I then cut little nicks in the bib around the curved edges, so when it is folded the right way, the corners sit right. - 2 Minutes
9- I then Zig Zag the edge of the seam to prevent fraying = more wear for your bib - 2 Minutes
10 - Next it is time to fold the bib in the right way, making sure the corners are rounded & sitting properly & Iron - 4 Minutes
11- Top Stitch around the bib - 2 Minutes
12- Putting on the all important La Crafts Label - 1 Minute
13 - Final Iron - 2 Minutes
14 - Placing on the Snaps - 2 Minutes
15- Putting on a Price Tag - 1 Minute
So the total time for making one of my gorgeous bibs is - DRUM ROLL 43 Minutes Approx
and I haven't added in the time for the washing & picking fabrics. WHOA!! Surprising isn't it.
Generally I do most of bibs in bulk and it spans over 3-7 Days, On Average 30 Bibs are made each week. I buy at least 5 Metres of Flanelette and this all gets cut up at the one time. Also as I am cutting out other items, I will cut out bibs if there are bits I can use.
So this is just a little insight in the La Crafts Bibs!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Behind the Scenes At La Crafts

I must admit I am so excited to be back from my Christmas/New Year break and sewing for you all again.
I have recieved a heap of new fabrics in stock and shopped in many fabric stores across Adelaide and surronds while I was away!!
I thought I would do a couple blog posts on some of the things that go on behind the scenes at La Crafts.
Last night I was busily getting the website, made-it store and facebook under control, deleting commments, loading new items and giving it a lease of life. I dont know if you have noticed but I have a new Made-it store profile picture and I am in LOVE. A big thank you to Emma from Tiny Violet . So I have also been emailing to figure out the details for this.
I spent from 6pm till 11.30pm editing, uploading pictures to the Made-it store, I hope it looks nice and full and there are some goodies you like.
Today I spot cleaned house, went and done the necessary shopping and was home by about lunch time. Since arriving home I have been replying to emails and questions via Facebook.
I have also got a washing line full of rainbow colours, these are all t-shirts washed and ready for your orders.
This afternoon, I have a couple hours free and I will be starting to Cut out all current orders, to hopefully start sewing tomorrow.
This is just one day in the Life of LA Crafts.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Christmas Pre-Order

Due to a number of reasons, I am doing a Christmas Pre-Order Sale in September this year.  The first and main reason is, I want my customers to be able to get exactly what they are after this Christmas. Another reason is that I know a lot of my customers are like me and prefer to shop early and be prepared ahead of time for Christmas.

So I need to make sure I am able to get the fabrics you want and by doing a Fabric order early on, I am hoping this will   guarantee you will be able too.

Items available to be purchased – Bibs, Lucy Dress, Gypsy Dress, Tilly Skirt, Cherie Skirt, Boys Short & T-Shirts Sets, Nappy Cover & Sets, Ruffled Nappy Covers,  **NEW Rompers.

The Pre-Order Sale will run from the 27th September to the 9th of October.  I am running this a bit longer than a normal market night as some people might like to shop on different weeks.

On the 10th of October I will be placing my fabric orders.  The fabrics should start arriving around the 24th October, I will then start making your items.  This will give me a good month or more to get your orders completed.  Your orders will be done in order of payments received.

My Goal is to have all Pre-Orders sent out by the 5th December, as most of you know I like to get orders sent out ASAP once receiving  them so I am hoping they will be done and dusted well before the 5th December.

So be sure to pre-order your Christmas items in my Christmas Pre-order Sale, so you can get special items for the little people in your life. After the sale a few custom orders may be offered, but this will depend on fabric and time available. So to avoid disappointment, don’t forget to order during my Pre-Order Christmas Sale. I look forward to helping you with your Christmas shopping!  
Comment below and you will go into the draw to win a 10% Off Gift Voucher to spend on La Crafts Pre-Sale Christmas Items.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Win a VIP Pass For The Next FB Market

To win a VIP Pass for the next facebook market all as you need to do is invite your friends to La Crafts. Get your friends to LIKE La Crafts and then write on La Crafts page who they were sent by. Person with the most referalls will win the VIP Pass for the July Facebook Market on the 19th July 8PM (Sa Time)

Some items you might see at the next market night will include Gorgeous Designer Belts, Lots of DJ's for those cold winter night and a New Pinny featuring some sort of HOOT as I know how many of you are a fan of the Owls!

Also would love to know if you are still into Shopping for Pinny's or wether you would like me to start putting some more Lucy Style Dresses in the Market Nights.

I have so many ideas running through my head this month, it really is hard to switch off!

Custom orders will re-open on the 20th July, sorry for the big delay with customs but I am heading over to Kangaroo Island for a couple nights for a family holiday, wondering if I can sneak the sewing machine into the car :-)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Would love your help!

Hi, I hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and a Happy new year. I cant believe how quickly this year has gone, La Crafts is nearly officially 1 year old!! How exciting.

I have been thinking about a lot of things lately and I think my most favourite thing is photos. I love taking photos of my family and looking back at everything, I contstantly look at my wedding pictures and also when Miss Sophie was born. I would love your help with some more photos of your kiddies in my La Crafts Products.

So starting now and also for the month of Janurary I will be running a little insentive to get you to upload your photos on La Crafts facebook page. Every photo you upload you will get an entry into the draw to win a prize at the end of the month.

I look forward to seeing your gorgeous kiddies in all things La Crafts

Have a great new year

Monday, November 22, 2010

Crazy Christmas has started!

Well the year is flying by, I cant believe it is nearly only a month till christmas. Everyone has been keeping me very busy lately. I have lots of orders coming and going out!
I love christmas and I am very excited to be creating lots of chrismassy goodies for all followers and likers!
La Crafts christmas sale will be on the 9th December. There will not only be christmas clothing but also some great ideas for stocking fillers.

The last day to recieve anything Custom ordered will be the 10th December. All fabrics and stock are running out fast, so make sure you get in so you dont miss out.

The last post day for Christmas will be Monday the 13th December. This gives Aus Post 9 Business days to get your parcels to you, I hope that is enough time.

I encourage everyone to spend the extra money and ask me for express or registered post so we can make sure you all recieve your goodies!

Catch ya La Ter!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It will be here before we know it.

Just looked at the calender this morning and it is 32 days until the summer launch. How exciting. I have been very busy the last few weeks getting lots of stock sewn up. I really hope you are going to love them. I won 2 patterns last week and i am so happy with the patterns i won. There will be some funky new boys clothing i wasnt expecting but am oh so happy to have. Thought i would give you a sneak peak of something.

Hmm i wonder what they are??