Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Dribble about bibs!!

I thought I would give you all a little insight on what happens when making one of my smallest & most popular products at La Crafts - THE BIB!!!
Looking at the final product you would never imagine how many steps go toward creating it, I was blown away when I wrote it all down.
1-Probably the easiest step is finding the fabric. I don't look for anything in particular I usually buy because I like it. Placing an order for the fabric & picking items I like will probably take 30 Min's
2 - Pre-washing of fabric, this includes cotton front, flannelette inner and PUL (if waterproof) 3 Loads of 3 Different Fabrics - 1hr
3- Ironing the Fabrics - 10 Minutes
4- Cutting the Fabrics- 10 Minutes
5 - Placing & Ironing Bib - 2 Minutes
6 - Stitching the bib - 2 Minutes
7- Cutting off excess seam - I do this so the edge of the bib lays flat and is all comfortable for your bub to wear - 2 Minutes
8- I then cut little nicks in the bib around the curved edges, so when it is folded the right way, the corners sit right. - 2 Minutes
9- I then Zig Zag the edge of the seam to prevent fraying = more wear for your bib - 2 Minutes
10 - Next it is time to fold the bib in the right way, making sure the corners are rounded & sitting properly & Iron - 4 Minutes
11- Top Stitch around the bib - 2 Minutes
12- Putting on the all important La Crafts Label - 1 Minute
13 - Final Iron - 2 Minutes
14 - Placing on the Snaps - 2 Minutes
15- Putting on a Price Tag - 1 Minute
So the total time for making one of my gorgeous bibs is - DRUM ROLL 43 Minutes Approx
and I haven't added in the time for the washing & picking fabrics. WHOA!! Surprising isn't it.
Generally I do most of bibs in bulk and it spans over 3-7 Days, On Average 30 Bibs are made each week. I buy at least 5 Metres of Flanelette and this all gets cut up at the one time. Also as I am cutting out other items, I will cut out bibs if there are bits I can use.
So this is just a little insight in the La Crafts Bibs!!